Artists With Libertarian Beliefs

From student supporters of the Libertarian Party, explaining libertarian beliefs on the subject. The application of libertarian philosophy expressed by the party may or may not universally represent what is a libertarian position on the topic for all adherents.


Sprayable Sleep On the Rise

Popular interest is increasing over products like sprayble melatonin, and where to buy sprayable sleep products in the market:

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Online Roulette Bonuses Are Worth the Search

Discussion of deals similar to Silver Oak Casino bonus codes and similar online discounts available from competitors like the Las Vegas USA Casino:


If you’ve been reading up on web casino bonuses, then you have probably come across many sites that do not allow roulette games to count toward cashing out your sign-in bonus. The main reason is to prevent people from hedging bets by wagering on red and black simultaneously and meeting their bonus play through requirements too easily.

However, roulette bonuses are available if you do some searching. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, with web cam roulette becoming very popular. In this type of online roulette, there is a live dealer and the game is played as if you were in a real casino, where you can see and hear the croupiers. In some cases you can even chat online with them.

If the roulette wheel is your favorite casino attraction, then search around to find an online casino offering roulette bonuses. You may as well get the most for your money, and this is one way of doing that. But before you sign up, make sure that you understand the casino’s bonus requirements in general, and the roulette bonus requirements specifically.

The first thing to do is consider the size of the bonus offered by the site for roulette. On some sites, you can get up to a 100% matching bonus when you make your first deposit. That means that you deposit $100 and the casino matches it with another $100. Make sure that you’re looking at a real roulette bonus and not just a general bonus, because many casinos specifically exclude roulette bets from meeting a bonus play through requirement.

If you do get to play roulette to count toward your play through requirement, find out which type of roulette counts. For example, European roulette is often excluded because European wheels have one less square than American wheels, slightly improving the player’s odds. Be sure to find out whether you have to enter a special roulette code in order to take advantage of the bonus on roulette. And you should be aware up front that even when you are offered a bonus on roulette, you won’t be allowed to hedge your bets by betting on red and black simultaneously. Occasionally you’ll find a newer casino where this is not explicitly stated, but you should go into it assuming you can’t hedge bets to meet your play through obligation.

Bonuses on roulette are lower than, say, slots bonuses, because the house edge is bigger with slots. Also, the bigger the bonus you get on roulette, the more you will have to play in order to meet the wagering requirements for cashing in your bonus. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for reading through the terms and conditions for bonuses before deciding if a particular online casino is right for you. It’s extra effort, but it can prevent a lot of frustration to know up front what you can and can’t do to cash out.

If you are new to online gambling or apprehensive about making that first deposit, look around until you find a web casino that offers a no-deposit bonus. This gives you the fun of playing without the risk of putting your own money on the line.

If you enjoy the game of roulette there are many sites out there that offerroulette bonus signups and get more involved with web cam roulette which makes the game much more enjoyable to play.

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Do Social Work Managers Have a Future? An Interview With Felice D Perlmutter

Interview outlining current issues related to social work programs or having a degree in social work, including how long does it take to become a social worker, etc:


Felice D. Perlmutter, MSW, Ph.D. is a household name in the field of social work management. Many social work students in administration read her early book in the field, Changing Hats: From Social work Practice to Administration, aimed at helping the practitioner decide whether to shift from case work or group work to administration. In addition to authoring 10 books and 80 articles on social policy, human services, and nonprofit management, Perlmutter is Professor Emeritus at Temple University.

In 1974, she was instrumental in starting the School of Social Administration, at Temple University, one of the first programs in administration in social work. Perlmutter is one the founders of the National Network of Social Work Managers. “The belief that social work managers needed to have their own professional organization committed to supporting them in their specific challenges along with the development of their professional expertise was the reason we founded the Network,” explains Perlmutter.

The National Network of Social Work Managers recently celebrated its 20th anniversary at their annual Institute, held at the Jane Addams College of Social Work at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Perlmutter was one of several founders that was honored and was the keynote speaker at the event. I had the chance to chat with Perlmutter about how she has seen the profession change in the last 20 years since the Network was founded. She made no secret of the fact that she came to the 20th anniversary event with an agenda: She thinks that social work management as a profession is in crisis; she hoped to develop support for making changes in the way that these managers are trained and how the profession is accredited and licensed.

Jones: You have written extensively about social workers in management roles. Was management always your interest?

Perlmutter: I was on the front-line for many years: first as a group worker, then as a community organizer, then as an administrator, and ultimately as an educator. My early years as a social worker were heady years when our profession was proud and productive, and at the avant-garde of social movements and social change. My research has been administrative and policy related, and I always involved workers in the research protocol.

Jones: Is what social work has to contribute to management replicated in other fields?

Perlmutter: This is still one of the few professions that has as its life’s blood a commitment to being consumer oriented, to working with disenfranchised populations, to dealing with social problems, to focusing on social policy, and to promoting advocacy. The value of having someone with a social work degree in management is their orientation to the clients, to services, and to advocacy.

Jones: What are the challenges for running organizations today?

Perlmutter: Today’s human service organizations are extremely complex, even more difficult to run than businesses, since there is the additional challenge of balancing the mission of the organization and its client focus with the business dimensions. Social work managers need business skills, for example, financial management, public relations, development, strategic planning. So, it is a very, very tough job that requires extensive preparation.

Jones: How is the external environment different for social workers?

Perlmutter: The whole external context in which people practice has changed as social problems have become more complex and as funding has become more challenging Yet, I wish to emphasize that the shift that is really the big one, is that of moving from being clinically-oriented to being management-oriented. The clinically-oriented practitioner is generally more focused on the current circumstance, the here-and-now and is neutral with clients; by contrast, the administrator is more future-oriented, more proactive, a decision-maker, concerned about the total system as opposed to the particular client.

Jones: I know thatyou recently updated Changing Hats. What has changed since the first edition came out in 1984?

Perlmutter: Wendy Crook joined me in co-authoring this second edition in which we updated the kinds of agencies and issues that we use as case examples. For example, drug addiction agencies, services for battered women, AIDs organizations, among others, were not covered in the first edition. And then we discuss the changing demands on executive leadership, including decision-making, governance, government relations, in order to help social workers decide whether these macro aspects are of interest to them.

Jones: And is that decision more complicated today?

Perlmutter: I would say so. Given the challenges in our society today, it is often necessary for social agencies to become engaged in partnerships and collaborations not only at the local level, but at the state and federal levels as well. It is a political as well as interpersonal process and requires a different set of skills. You have to be comfortable going out and playing with the big boys. Today’s social work manager has to be a politician and has to be savvy with a board of directors.

Jones: The Network has been very concerned with the fact that increasingly social service organizations that once had a social worker at the helm now have another executive-often a MBA or an attorney-as their CEO. What has happened?

Perlmutter: The skills that are needed at the top are those other skills-they are not clinical skills. I think that is where social work deludes itself. It is no longer a simple process of going up the line, from caseworker, to supervisor, to manager. The folks that do this are not prepared. It is bound to fail when you have people that are trained as clinicians and don’t have a clue about being political and all of the other skills that you need to be a successful executive.

Jones: Isn’t there some value in having a trained social worker running a social work organization?

Perlmutter: The value of having someone with this specific degree is the orientation to clients and to services, but that isn’t even happening. I was struck by research by Dona Hardina for the Network that found that individuals with this specific training at the top of their organization aren’t empowering their staff or clients to participate in any of the decision-making. We have this rhetoric about empowerment and participatory decision-making, but we don’t practice it. We use it as a mantra. For years we have been in self-denial and infatuated with these words.

Jones: Is this a reflection of the generic approach that many social work schools have gone to?

Perlmutter: I think the profession has just lost it in terms of preparing for management. Many of us who have been teaching in the management sequence of schools of social work have moved our professional activities to other organizations which are more compatible with our philosophy of education. And sadly, the general atmosphere in many schools downplay or negates the preparation for administration. I don’t think that the profession is responding in any way appropriately. I am about ready to say that we should just resign ourselves to not being the CEOs and that we should accept that we are going to be the middle managers who are doing supervision and administering programs, but not agencies.

Jones: Why has this happened? Is this a reflection of the students coming into these schools?

Perlmutter: It is true that many of the students coming into these schools see it as the best way to go into private practice. They don’t want to go for a PhD, which they would need if they went the psychology route and got licensed-so they come for a MSW.

Jones: Professional and licensing organizations tend to be driven by the needs and interests of their membership and so, if this is so heavily weighted in the direction of clinical interests, then that must be an important factor.

Perlmutter: The problem is certainly exacerbated by the Council on Social Work Education, the accrediting body for the social work education field. CSWE is a stumbling block as it requires a generic first year. I asked CSWE what schools have Administration specializations, and I was told by one of their specialists, to my amazement and chagrin, “Unfortunately, CSWE does not keep a list of schools with Administration specialties; the only data we collect is on student methods.” I was equally amazed at CSWE’s website catalogue of publications. While there was a major focus on international practice, diversity, special populations, such as, rural, domestic violence, women’s health, all important, but there were no publications on management and administration. Is this not indicative of CSWE’s inattention to management?

Jones: What about the National Association of Social Workers?

Perlmutter: It also has a singular focus on clinical work. I challenged the Network: Should we let NASW off the hook for failing to advocate for these managers, for failing to counter many of the myths of the profession and for only paying attention to clinical licensing? NASW’s silence is an endorsement of the idea that rising from the front line is the best training for managers. Their endorsement of testing and licensing for advanced clinical social workers and their silence on the necessary training for social work managers does not help us one bit!

Jones: Are we abandoning the management role for social workers? If social workers are not going to take leadership of social service organizations and our organizations are going to be led instead by attorneys and lawyers, it is going to be a very different field.

Perlmutter: Different, but not necessarily worse. I think that many of the people that come into these positions from other professions do have compatible values. You can hire and screen for people that have clinical skills. You do have to have interpersonal skills. One of my best students who also got her MBA from Wharton shared with me that they talk about interpersonal skills and ethics in business school. These skills are not the exclusive domain of social work.

Jones: Dr. Perlmutter, thank you for sharing your perspective with me. Do you have any other thoughts for the readers of Social Work Today?

Perlmutter: We know from organizational theory that every organization wants to survive. The way for social work management to survive is to shift, including changing the educational preparation we get in schools of social work, the accreditation process of CSWE and in state licensure. The standards for social work managers developed by the Network are certainly an important first step, and are necessary, but they are not sufficient to ensure the survival of social work management.


The National Network of Social Work Managers

The National Network of Social Work Managers is a professional organization devoted to supporting the work of social work managers. The Network has developed practice standards and a certification for social work managers, the Certified Social Work Manager (CSWM). The Network holds annual training Institutes that support the professional development of social work managers. The Network also publishes the highly regarded journal Administration in Social Work and an informational newsletter that all members receive.

Dr. Lynn K. Jones–Certified Personal and Executive Coach

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A Valuable Guide to Laptop Backpacks and Carry Totes

Notes on good backpacks for high school, along with the best backpack for college or the best backpack for high school, rolling school backpacks and so on:


Tip: Whether you are walking, biking or driving to school or work, or flying across the country, you’ll want a good quality laptop case that you can depend on for your commute. You may wish to scrimp on your gym bag, but your laptop backpack will be toting something a lot more valuable than sweaty shorts and socks.

Following are the best options for those on the go.

Laptop backpacks:
This is one of my favorite options due to the hands-free aspect and their versatility. Plus, once strapped on, it’s very unlikely they will be left behind somewhere or stolen. You can also benefit with the additional storage and pockets for other gear such as school, work or travel supplies. These are particular handy for traveling via a bicycle, walking or when you have additional items that you need to carry by hand. Look for water resistance, proper size and fit, comfortable straps and strong zippers.

Laptop totes:
If your needs lean more towards protecting your laptop than carrying additional gear, then a laptop tote may be more up your alley. Their more compact design makes them easy to carry and stow away in a plane or car when space may be more limited. Most still offer a limited amount of pockets and sleeves for additional storage. Be sure to measure your laptop (or carry it along) prior to buying since they come in an array of sizes. Along with sizing, look for durability and padding to protect your device.

Laptop messenger bags:
You might look at these as being like “half of a backpack” for carrying your computer around on the shorter commutes. They’re more of a soft-bag with a single strap for carrying by hand or slinging across one shoulder. Folks appreciate the designer fashions available along with their lighter weight after a busy day. Men tend to go for the more masculine leather-look and larger sizes so as not to be mistaken for a purse…

Rolling business cases:
“Bad back – will travel.” Rolling business cases are great for those with back issues, especially if the need is for carrying more items and a heavier load. And nothing beats them for traveling – visit any busy airport terminal and you’ll quickly agree. Many sizes, styles, fabrics and choices are available to suit any traveler’s needs. If you’d like one for flying, be sure to consider weight when fully loaded along with outer dimensions if you’d like to use it as carry-on luggage.

Finally, are the notebook sleeves:
Notebook computer sleeves are a lightweight and sleek approach for carrying laptops and tablets. Consider them as “computer clothing” to help protect them from life’s bumps and scratches. They’re easy to carry on their own for quick trips, or for additional protection when sliding them into another form of luggage or storage product, such as any of the ones above. As always, look for appropriate size, quality and durability.

Has this Guide to Laptop Backpacks and Carry Totes been a blessing to you? If so, you may want to check out my website below for a plethora of additional guides and information about a variety of backpack options and ideas: you may be surprised at what you find there.


Gary loves offering helpful solutions to his fellow parents and do-it-yourselfers. Check out his latest website at Boys Backpacks [], where you’ll discover an awesome guide for purchasing the perfect pack for your boy or anyone else in the family, including info on Hiking Packs [], backpack types, laptop packs, how to save shopping time, money and more. Enjoy!

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Fantastic Uses for Social Media Advertising

Recent note about the social media advertising trend on where to buy Instagram likes or buy Instagram views, including automatic Instagram views:

If you have a web site that you want to market, handful of advertising and marketing techniques are as efficient as social media advertising and marketing. By making use of social media to create relationships with prospective and present customers, you will strengthen your organization. Below are some of the ideal methods to use social media for your marketing efforts.

When you open up a social site, the concept is to have a large adhering to. Get a jump on this by inviting every one man or woman you know to be part of you. Even if people do not want your merchandise proper now, they can share it with their friends if they know about it, and they can do so easily by clicking their mouse.

Put a Fb “like” button on the homepage of your blog, in the top proper corner. By clicking on this icon, they can give you a Facebook “like” vote. People can do this with out navigating away from the website page. This will give you better exposure on Fb which can guide to a increased quantity of guests to your site.

To support get your buyers intrigued in your merchandise, you should run promotions through buy Instagram views marketing and advertising. Managing promotions through this kind of marketing and advertising will maintain your buyers continually educated of your products and also, hold your organization on their minds. Social media promotions are a excellent way to unfold the word about your enterprise.

If you speedily and skillfully react to feedback posted to you on social media, you will discover that your popularity stays good, no issue what the remarks say. This easy gesture could flip your marketing campaign into a actual accomplishment. If you get a negative remark, make positive to address it instantly. Still left by yourself, these posts could conclude up harming your status. Responding rapidly, skillfully, and with empathy, will really aid your track record to be even much better.

You can get your followers’ consideration by submitting anything in a structure that tends to make studying simpler. For instance, consider coming with a list of best 10 suggestions or composing inquiries and solutions. The visible factor of your article will make it more appealing and your viewers will be much more most likely to share it.

Social media is a wonderful resource to create believe in and interactions with your consumers. When advertising and marketing your organization on social media, you have to be truthful and usually communicate with your customers. Listen to what they are declaring and discover from it. You are not offering up handle of your enterprise to them, but you can discover from what they are stating and adjust your business to be much more customer helpful.

Get a WordPress weblog so you can use the WordPress Retweet button. This attributes permits your site visitors to publish a website link to one particular of your posts in their Twitter feed in a straightforward click. You could also add Retweet buttons on your web site if you get the time to code it your self.

DJ Supplements His Art with Supplements

From a ‘Thump’ piece on a DJ who tries out herbs ranging from articoke to the best foskolin supplements to give him an edge:

…Cameruci graduated from cracking software to body hacking. “I like to find ways to do something faster,” he explains. He first heard about body hacking in 2012 through a Joe Rogan podcast (Rogan has a company called Onnit that sells natural supplements), and became intrigued by its capacity to help people “become superhuman.” “But body hacking has its ups and downs,” he warns. He once tried an artichoke extract and forskolin combination, which left him focused and dialed in but feeling like hungover crap the next day.

In honor of 4/20, Cameruci takes us through natural methods of body hacking that help him stay on top of his hectic schedule of DJing, making music and performing.

Problem #1: Need to produce a fire track.

A lot of the body hacking I do, I tend to keep natural—many dudes in the body-hacking community take lots of prescription drugs. I usually start out my day pretty simple. I have coffee in the morning mixed with coconut oil or MCT oil, which is a concentrated coconut oil, and then I mix grass-fed butter with that. The butter has saturated fat, and it helps your body burn [calories] and helps your brain with creativity. The MCT oil has triglycerides, which are time-released to get into your system—it’s like eating a weed edible in the sense that it’s slowly released into your system over a longer period of time. If you were to drink a shot of espresso, it hits you instantly; as if you smoke a hit of weed, it would hit you instantly. So when it mixes with the oil in the coffee, it’s absorbed into the body slower. The energy jolt lasts about four hours.

Problem #2: Gotta play a banging set at the after-hours joint.

I would take this pill called Alpha Brain by Onnit. I take those when I’m feeling fatigued and sluggish to add a little pep. I would also do a little espresso or caffeine—I wouldn’t do an energy drink, but a natural caffeine instead, like a yerba mate tea.

9 Analog Photography Techniques You Need to Know

Note: Excerpted from Artsy.

“Camera obscura” literally means “dark chamber” in Latin and it describes the first known imaging device, which can be traced back to antiquity. The camera obscura, which is the most basic manifestation of a modern-day camera—a device with a hole and a surface on which to reflect and capture an image—holds to the same technical principle as the pinhole camera, but on a much larger scale. An inverted image passes through a small hole and is projected onto a surface inside a darkroom or tent.

The camera obscura gained popularity in the 16th century when the darkroom evolved into a portable box that included a lens and a mirror so that the image could be visibly reflected within it. Artists such as da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Vermeer are believed to have used the device to aid in an accurate depiction of light and shadow; scientists used the technology to observe the cosmos; and it led to the development of the variations on the camera that we know today.

Below, we capture 9 analog photography techniques used to create images with these early cameras.


Nicéphore Niépce, Point de vue du Gras, 1825 or 1827. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

In the early 1800s, French inventor Nicéphore Niépce experimented with chemically treated metal plates, which he placed on the back of the camera obscura’s box-projected surface, ultimately recording the oldest permanent image: View from the window at Le Gras (1826-1827). Taken from a window overlooking the French countryside—and across some grainy rooftops—the analog image required several days of exposure, a naturally occurring asphalt known as Bitumen of Judea (which can be traced back to ancient Egypt), lavender oil, and a pewter plate.

The rarity and cost of the chemicals—and the incredibly long exposure time required—rendered Niépce’s photography technique impractical. The Royal Society, a scientific academy that supports technological innovation, rejected Niépce’s pewter plate on the grounds that they refused to publicize discoveries that involved undisclosed secrets (and Niépce kept his methods under wraps). By the end of the 19th century, his technique had fallen into obscurity. In 1952, his work was rediscovered and View from the window at Le Gras was authenticated as the first photograph. Although Niépce’s legacy only crystallized some 60 years ago, his work would influence his collaborator Louis Daguerre’s time-efficient photographic method known as the daguerreotype.

How It Works

Naturally occurring asphalt is used to coat glass or metal. The asphalt hardens over the areas hit by light, and the substance is washed away from the dark areas with lavender oil


How Can Musicians Take Advantage of Facebook to Promote Themselves?

Note: Social media allows more and more opportunities for online based artists and musicians, or those in online mastering or voice acting jobs (also called voice over services) to create visibility for their work. This is done by fostering popularity for their channels through manual or software assisted methods. Be it through increasing YouTube subscribers, buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers outright, or acquiring apps through such means as a Twitch viewer bot download, the approach is delivering results, as the following curated article on exploiting Facebook shows:

How Can Musicians Take Advantage of Facebook to Promote Themselves?

Author: Tippfein

No other social networking service has been as effective as Facebook in capturing the public’s attention. The site comes with many unique features that work to the advantage of bands, with regards to their music. Know more about the best basic techniques to promote the latest music on the well known social media service.

How Can Music Be Promoted on Fan Pages

Instead of artist profiles, Facebook provides fan pages. The purpose of this is so it can be beneficial to the user base as a whole, since several bands on MySpace and the like are able to send lots of messages to individuals beyond their networks. Though it may be possible for a user profile to be created and named after your band, it is not advisable since this goes against the rules of the site. This could result to a deleted account, which wastes all effort to build your profile. What is great about this fan page system is that it is less invasive to end-users. This is something you may want to take advantage of, to get more quality attention from friends and network. This way, they won’t be flooded with random messages coming from bands.

Steps to Promote Music

The first important step to promote your band is to create your page. You should optimize your bio’s text to draw attention from Google along with other search engines. Since Facebook is an authority when it comes to search engines, you should use this to maximize incoming traffic. Allow your biggest promoters to become your administrators so you can get help in managing the page. In addition to this, let your fans post on your wall to create some sort of interactivity. The fan pages of Facebook are just like spontaneous-forming communities that is why it is crucial to enable each individual to participate whenever possible. Use a third-party application in adding your music video and songs then set the specific tab in such a way that it is the default one so this is the first to be encountered by visitors. This can be achieved in the page building system’s user interface.

Get Your Own Customized URL

To keep dubious characters from stealing other companies’ URL, there is a required minimum fan threshold required by Facebook to get a custom URL. As of this moment, 25 fans can achieve this. This policy, however, changes from time to time since once, the minimum requirement for musicians was 1000 fans. Upon reaching this standard, it will be easier to promote your fan page on similar services such as MySpace, Twitter and Bebo. Your address can be included in all your flyers. Real world promotion is essential as it works together with your online efforts on marketing.

Promote Content to Your Facebook Friends

The best way for momentum to be built is first to promote relevant content to your known friends. For instance, an easy way to promote a band online is through a music video that doesn’t cost much. Facebook statuses let users spread links fast, and the friends of your friends will most likely consume video content more than any other types. Users can easily view a You Tube video in the activity streams of their friends.

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You can promote new music online and one of the best tools in achieving this is through your Facebook fan page. So if you’re decided to make it big, you can buy Facebook likes or buy Twitter followers to help you better promote your music and events!