DJ Supplements His Art with Supplements

From a ‘Thump’ piece on a DJ who tries out herbs ranging from articoke to the best foskolin supplements to give him an edge:

…Cameruci graduated from cracking software to body hacking. “I like to find ways to do something faster,” he explains. He first heard about body hacking in 2012 through a Joe Rogan podcast (Rogan has a company called Onnit that sells natural supplements), and became intrigued by its capacity to help people “become superhuman.” “But body hacking has its ups and downs,” he warns. He once tried an artichoke extract and forskolin combination, which left him focused and dialed in but feeling like hungover crap the next day.

In honor of 4/20, Cameruci takes us through natural methods of body hacking that help him stay on top of his hectic schedule of DJing, making music and performing.

Problem #1: Need to produce a fire track.

A lot of the body hacking I do, I tend to keep natural—many dudes in the body-hacking community take lots of prescription drugs. I usually start out my day pretty simple. I have coffee in the morning mixed with coconut oil or MCT oil, which is a concentrated coconut oil, and then I mix grass-fed butter with that. The butter has saturated fat, and it helps your body burn [calories] and helps your brain with creativity. The MCT oil has triglycerides, which are time-released to get into your system—it’s like eating a weed edible in the sense that it’s slowly released into your system over a longer period of time. If you were to drink a shot of espresso, it hits you instantly; as if you smoke a hit of weed, it would hit you instantly. So when it mixes with the oil in the coffee, it’s absorbed into the body slower. The energy jolt lasts about four hours.

Problem #2: Gotta play a banging set at the after-hours joint.

I would take this pill called Alpha Brain by Onnit. I take those when I’m feeling fatigued and sluggish to add a little pep. I would also do a little espresso or caffeine—I wouldn’t do an energy drink, but a natural caffeine instead, like a yerba mate tea.

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