A Valuable Guide to Laptop Backpacks and Carry Totes

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Tip: Whether you are walking, biking or driving to school or work, or flying across the country, you’ll want a good quality laptop case that you can depend on for your commute. You may wish to scrimp on your gym bag, but your laptop backpack will be toting something a lot more valuable than sweaty shorts and socks.

Following are the best options for those on the go.

Laptop backpacks:
This is one of my favorite options due to the hands-free aspect and their versatility. Plus, once strapped on, it’s very unlikely they will be left behind somewhere or stolen. You can also benefit with the additional storage and pockets for other gear such as school, work or travel supplies. These are particular handy for traveling via a bicycle, walking or when you have additional items that you need to carry by hand. Look for water resistance, proper size and fit, comfortable straps and strong zippers.

Laptop totes:
If your needs lean more towards protecting your laptop than carrying additional gear, then a laptop tote may be more up your alley. Their more compact design makes them easy to carry and stow away in a plane or car when space may be more limited. Most still offer a limited amount of pockets and sleeves for additional storage. Be sure to measure your laptop (or carry it along) prior to buying since they come in an array of sizes. Along with sizing, look for durability and padding to protect your device.

Laptop messenger bags:
You might look at these as being like “half of a backpack” for carrying your computer around on the shorter commutes. They’re more of a soft-bag with a single strap for carrying by hand or slinging across one shoulder. Folks appreciate the designer fashions available along with their lighter weight after a busy day. Men tend to go for the more masculine leather-look and larger sizes so as not to be mistaken for a purse…

Rolling business cases:
“Bad back – will travel.” Rolling business cases are great for those with back issues, especially if the need is for carrying more items and a heavier load. And nothing beats them for traveling – visit any busy airport terminal and you’ll quickly agree. Many sizes, styles, fabrics and choices are available to suit any traveler’s needs. If you’d like one for flying, be sure to consider weight when fully loaded along with outer dimensions if you’d like to use it as carry-on luggage.

Finally, are the notebook sleeves:
Notebook computer sleeves are a lightweight and sleek approach for carrying laptops and tablets. Consider them as “computer clothing” to help protect them from life’s bumps and scratches. They’re easy to carry on their own for quick trips, or for additional protection when sliding them into another form of luggage or storage product, such as any of the ones above. As always, look for appropriate size, quality and durability.

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