Outsider Art Presents Itself Via Satellite Broadband

Note: The formerly obscure genre of art brut, represented by exhibits such as the Outsider Art Fair, has seen a boost in its visibility courtesy of the new communications media. Many such artists now utilize the web to showcase their work. The below curated article show one such breakthrough for unconventional fine art.

Outsider Art Presents Itself Via Satellite Broadband by Jon Jacobson

Exposing unique talent and interesting ideas is far easier these days than it ever used to be. Historically, those who sought to discover new artists, writers, and other creative thinkers would have to travel far and wide, investigating the different cultural scenes that defined a particular place. Because many of these individuals can be reclusive and shy, it would often take years to discover Artists who did not personally make the publicity effort to make themselves known. Sometimes, for the artists themselves, this recognition wouldn’t come until it was too late, and they’d already passed away. Now, however, satellite internet brings accessibility to remote locations and reclusive individuals, allowing them to share their work and their ideas with an expansive public.

Outsider art is the term given to different art forms, whether they are music, visual art, dance or any other creative ideas, that do not emerge out of a trained school of thought. For professional artists in today’s society, the accepted nomenclature is that they must have studied to be an artist, often times investing thousands of dollars in reputable institutions that teach them how to express themselves to the greatest degree. Furthermore, these institutions provide the name reputability that gives many creative people greater access to the gallery system and the rest of the art world. Yet things have changed considerably in recent times, and many art enthusiasts actually prefer to see creative works that emerge from pure inspiration, unfettered by the constructs of an academic education. For those outsider artists, there are now better ways of exposing themselves and their art, and satellite broadband appears to be leading the ranks.

As is often the case with a mind seeking inspiration and the peace of mind to generate work from this inspiration, living in remote locations is often a favored lifestyle for artists and writers. Because many web providers don’t reach all corners of the world, it’s a reassuring thought knowing that satellite internet broadband grants high-speed internet connections to remote locations throughout the United States. With the speed and the reliability, virtually anyone is capable of using satellite internet as a platform for sharing their ideas. Even reclusive artists who may have a difficult time networking and interacting socially realize that the net is the perfect venue for sharing information without physically having to confront anyone.

With the increase in blog and website use in order to promote one’s ideas, share photos and videos, it’s no joke that this is rapidly becoming the predominant method for discovering unique talent. Musicians have also found a new venue for sharing their sounds, and with social networking websites becoming increasingly popular, their ability to do so requires little more than some time devoted to uploading their music for others to enjoy. Many services provide people with fast connections to the web, but only satellite broadband is able to do so for people living in distant locations. This service has consequently brought forth a tremendous amount of new and unique material.

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Your Private Home Recording Studio….Why Do-It-Yourself?

Note: Artists are turning to their own home, consultants and web-based home solutions more and more to produce or finish production of their work. Instead of relying on a traditional commercial recording studio or mastering studios, the work is more likely to be done just as efficiently through an online service. It’s easy to spend few G’s in a commercial studio but what if you could save up and build your own studio? This reference column explores the options, from technology to finances.

Your Private Home Recording Studio….Why Do-It-Yourself?


Martin Rodys

We exist in a realm of audio, don\’t we?  A bit of that sound is voice, some is music and much of it is just….noise, right?  But no matter what sound it really is, recording and modifying it so that it fill a particular purpose is a big business called…….professional recording.

For the most part recording was done in mainstream recording studios.  Initially the whole \’business\’ of recording required substantial expertise and expensive gear hence naturally doing it in one\’s home (AKA: Do-it-yourself home recording) was not typical at all.

But that has changed.  Just recently the gear associated with recording tunes, voice (and noise) has gotten smaller, more advanced and (fortunately) much cheaper.  Basically home recording has become quickly within reach of average people who have ordinary budgets.

Notice:  Surely…there\’s always \’high-end\’, \’advanced\’ home recording technology around however that\’s not the point of the essay.

Let\’s first recognize that it\’s not challenging to find the home recording equipment anymore.  Not only is current gear considerably more obtainable but, honestly, there\’s lots of amazing high quality used recording gear available on the market too.

Hence, that being the case, why should you want to create a home recording studio?  Or put otherwise…why would you intend to go to all that trouble of putting together the capital, taking a bit of time to create home recording studio, finding out how to do the aspects of process that you have no idea how to do?

There are numerous reasons to build a recording studio at home but we\’re going to state 8 of them in here.  And remember that these factors, or pros, apply to you equally regardless if you\’re an instrumentalist, a singer,  or a voice-over actor.

Reason #1:

Having the ability to plan your home recording studio time with your own individual bio-rhythms most likely means your performing better….developing a much better polished creation.  You often can\’t do that when you\’re at the whim of a hired recording studio.

Reason #2:

Should you cancel a formerly scheduled recording studio appointment, you don\’t waste any cash.  Give it some thought…if you and your crew booked some studio time and all of sudden one of the members has to back out….you probably just have to \’eat\’ that unused studio time, don\’t you?  If it\’s your studio….you wont.

Reason #3:

You are not paying dollars to practice.  You can practice (or have fun) to the extent that you need in your private home recording studio without you paying rent.  It\’s a fixed rate anyway, right?

If you\’re a group, hiring a commercial recording studio to practice, you solely make cash when you actually construct some final tracks that get bought someway.  It\’s a lengthy process that costs you just about every step of the way and only pays off if you make it to the end.

Reason #4

Lots of music and sound designers have equipment they like better over other equipment.  You never know what you\’ll find in a hired studio.  With your personal home recording studio you get what you need (because you use what you like).

Reason #5:

You plan your utilization of the studio for the times you really want to.  This is not like #1 above because that refers to the most effective time to work your finest.  This benefit refers to usefulness of utilizing the home recording studio at one time vs. another.

If you have a different responsibility you could be in competition with many other individuals for studio rental \’after hours\’.  If you own your personal recording studio it\’s no concern.

Also, even if you don\’t have a \’day gig\’, it\’s always good to be able to arrange your producing sessions in harmony with your calendar.

Reason #6:

In a sense, it amortizes itself….i.e. Each time you use it, you\’re saving money you\’d have spent in renting related facilities.  It\’s an excellent feeling to \’take as much time as you like\’ and not be worried about the cost.

Reason #7:

You do not need to pull all of bulky gear all over just to go to a practice session.  This advice only applies to bands obviously, but still…it\’s a biggie.

Reason #8:

When you turn into a home recording studio owner, you could turn around and make profit off it yourself just like those studio rental fellas used to do off of you.  Fair\’s fair, right?

Setting up a terrific, home recording studio isn\’t complicated and it should be the intention of just about every musical performer.  There\’s lots of other information around to help you do it too.  If you have been considering it…..get started!

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