How Can Musicians Take Advantage of Facebook to Promote Themselves?

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How Can Musicians Take Advantage of Facebook to Promote Themselves?

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No other social networking service has been as effective as Facebook in capturing the public’s attention. The site comes with many unique features that work to the advantage of bands, with regards to their music. Know more about the best basic techniques to promote the latest music on the well known social media service.

How Can Music Be Promoted on Fan Pages

Instead of artist profiles, Facebook provides fan pages. The purpose of this is so it can be beneficial to the user base as a whole, since several bands on MySpace and the like are able to send lots of messages to individuals beyond their networks. Though it may be possible for a user profile to be created and named after your band, it is not advisable since this goes against the rules of the site. This could result to a deleted account, which wastes all effort to build your profile. What is great about this fan page system is that it is less invasive to end-users. This is something you may want to take advantage of, to get more quality attention from friends and network. This way, they won’t be flooded with random messages coming from bands.

Steps to Promote Music

The first important step to promote your band is to create your page. You should optimize your bio’s text to draw attention from Google along with other search engines. Since Facebook is an authority when it comes to search engines, you should use this to maximize incoming traffic. Allow your biggest promoters to become your administrators so you can get help in managing the page. In addition to this, let your fans post on your wall to create some sort of interactivity. The fan pages of Facebook are just like spontaneous-forming communities that is why it is crucial to enable each individual to participate whenever possible. Use a third-party application in adding your music video and songs then set the specific tab in such a way that it is the default one so this is the first to be encountered by visitors. This can be achieved in the page building system’s user interface.

Get Your Own Customized URL

To keep dubious characters from stealing other companies’ URL, there is a required minimum fan threshold required by Facebook to get a custom URL. As of this moment, 25 fans can achieve this. This policy, however, changes from time to time since once, the minimum requirement for musicians was 1000 fans. Upon reaching this standard, it will be easier to promote your fan page on similar services such as MySpace, Twitter and Bebo. Your address can be included in all your flyers. Real world promotion is essential as it works together with your online efforts on marketing.

Promote Content to Your Facebook Friends

The best way for momentum to be built is first to promote relevant content to your known friends. For instance, an easy way to promote a band online is through a music video that doesn’t cost much. Facebook statuses let users spread links fast, and the friends of your friends will most likely consume video content more than any other types. Users can easily view a You Tube video in the activity streams of their friends.

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